Friday, February 11, 2011


My constant companion has been ill. I was very worried about him, didn't meet me at the door after work on Wednesday. He's such a happy little dog, tail wags constantly with  smiling eyes that adore me.
After having to euthanize Boss at 13 after falling down the stairs I was not having another dog. He was such a beautiful animal, smart, loyal, protective and my first real mother didn't like dogs, well she liked other peoples dogs. Before Gee left for Korea we had a Silky Terrier for a short time. However, my fathers cat attacked the little guy and Gee brought him to Texas to Yvette. Boss was special and I loved him dearly.

It took about two months before Rachel started working towards another dog. She started in on me first, can we get another up to took her a while about a week and we began looking for a new dog. We visited many shelters in the area, our local shelter was having an open house, so we went. There he was sitting in his kennel, looking away from all the people. It was almost like he was saying I'm to old they wont want me....Then he turned and looked at me and I was lost. Gee wanted the rotti/pit mix but he was going to be bigger than Boss who was 120 pounds, to big. Here is where they say he was 7 and had been in a shelter for 2 years,has had heart worm,is Lyme positive....! I didn't care I wanted here we are 2 years plus later.

He has been vomiting, drinking water, and vomiting again. I called the vet and she wanted to do blood work, x-rays all that kind of stuff, lets rule out an obstruction, and how much will that cost....drum roll.....about $800....ah gee, is there something we can do first? Well if it's just constipation you could give him 2T of pumpkin, it helps "grease things along"....lets try that first and if it doesn't help I'll call tomorrow. Well without all the gory details, it worked...I found evidence all over the kitchen early this morning about 4am when I was awaken by a waifing oder of dead dog.....Freddie hiding in his bed, looking so pitiful because he messed up the kitchen. It's ok old dog...patting him while his tail wags so much you'd think it would wag right off.

I have my bouncy, dumb, tail wagging fool back..... following me everywhere I go. His treatment cost.....drum roll......$1.20... I like my Vet, but sometimes, all it takes something to just "grease things along"

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