Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There is nothing like watching a bunch of teachers play beer pong! Yeah I went to the end of the year party. It was a nice end to a very tough year. I wouldn't have gone if not for Rachel and Lynda's prodding. Those two wouldn't take no for an answer. The appetizers were great, everyone out doing themselves. Art made some stuffed mushrooms that were absolutly fabulaous! Everyone will be making them, so easy and impressive! Just bacon, onions, stems, bit of cream cheese for a binder top with pizza cheese and bake until browned, just wonderful.

I had a chance to talk to teachers I couldn't all year. One, Kristina, 7th grade science, keeps asking when will I be back in her room. Makes you feel good knowing that you really do make a difference to the people you work with. You are missed when you are not in their classrooms. I really enjoyed her class, she is so energetic and full with enthusiasm for the subject matter it is infectious and she brings her students along for the ride. She also has ADHD, and told me often, "this is me on meds."

I have had some time to talk to the "new" teacher for the reinstated Project Support program, in other words, the behavior room. She is an inclusion teacher from the 6th grade floor. I have heard rumors of why she is moving, if true it will be a long  year for me. They are just rumors and  I don't want to start the summer off under a black cloud. However, she has only worked with Sp-ed kids, learning disabilities, autistic, cognagant issues...not behavioral problems. I had to wonder where was this wonder of wonders the principal kept telling me about? She kept talking about prizes, treasure boxes, and rewards. Middle school kids don't care about lollypops and airheads... Summer vacation has offically started, I will worry about this in August!

Rachel is so enjoying working at the nursing home. Yesterday she took three residents, all women outside for a while. One knows neighbors of ours, one is at the Manor with her husband, they never had children and one never leaves her room, but chose to go when Rachel asked her to come along. Tonight is bingo night, she will go to help out. I hope they are happy with how things are going, she really is.

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