Friday, June 24, 2011

If it's not one thing....

The washing machine is dead, shaft wont move. I went to change the wash and I have a tub full of wet, soaked towels.....oh shit.....pull them out, try the machine again, was it overloaded, nope not moving, I am pissed because I may have to buy a new washer....I go up stairs and pull the light cord, yea old light fixtures, in the kitchen to hard and holy shit I pulled the cord out to far and now that wont work.... un friggin believable!!! I will not ask what else could be next, because I'll be cursed for sure!

David to the rescue, came yesterday and fixed the light, offered to look at the washer but I have already called the repairman. He'll be here at 2 today to fix it hopefully.

I probably shouldn't be a homeowner, can't do anything, and surely have no money to have them the light, it was a ten minute job for David....even Gee, could do that kind of electrical I haven't a clue how to start. The lawn mower and the snow blower...if they start I'm good, if not I have absolutely no idea what to look looking under a car hood, yep we have an engine under here, what it does who knows.

You would think after all those years for holding crap for my father and for Gee I would have learned something. I know what a Phillips screwdriver is, other than that I got nothing. It isn't that I wasn't willing to help, but it was always easier to just hand over the tools, and try not to get in the light!

Had my yearly doctors appointment.....guess what, I'm FAT....I know! what a surprise, I am so glad I just paid a guy to tell me that he'd like me to loose 30 pounds! I wouldn't right. Other wise, he's watching my sugar and cholesterol, my blood pressure is good. Had my colonoscopy and my mammogram will be next week. Oh joy I get to be poked and prodded for a few more days!

Rachel just got her financial aid package. She's received a state grant and a pell grant, and some other grant that I had never heard of. Now she needs to hear from Stone Fund, the renewable scholarship she received. All and all I am very much relieved about how we are going to handle paying for her year at school. Oh yeah, and her boss last year told her she has a job again with him, thank you Cid!

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  1. Don't just hate the GD docs that think we don't know we're fat? Jeez, $25.00 co-pay and that is the best they can do. I can't do anything around the house . . . ah well, if I had my druthers I'd not even be a home owner . . . see you this weekend.