Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had Jack over night on Saturday. How much energy can one little guy have! It didn't help Clayton said he took a 4 hour nap.....4 hours! Good thing Rachel was home to share the wealth so to speak. We colored, we cooked, we played outside, we played with the trains, big Thomas fan, and back to coloring again. We watched some TV, NCIS, he started to fall asleep so upstairs we went. No, no bed....ok lets watch TV in Grammies bed, an hour later he drifts off...it is now 11pm. I went down stairs to let Fred out, got the cat in the basement, and went to bed.......5:45am he is talking to his Bruins bear. We come down stairs, change his diaper, get a drink, and think about breakfast.

Yougert, yea, put some in a bowl....yuckie he says...gave him some melon, which he ate like no tomorrow yesterday, yuckie......want some eggs, no yuckie.....ok so I look around in the freezer we have frozen waffles...how about waffles....WAFFLES WAFFLES, as he dances around.....I guess he likes waffles...he woke Rachel up yelling WAFFLES....he ate one and a half! Then we watched How to Train Your Dragon. Cute movie. Jack pointed at almost every picture, Da, Mama, baby...then he comes to the one with him and Gee at Rachel's graduation, he points to his sucker in the picture and says binki, I said thats Grandpa and Jack...and he said Grandpa......

So now  it's Tuesday, have finally gotten over the whirlwind named Jack, counting the days until he comes back, to color and cook and empty out the tupperware cabinet.

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