Saturday, June 4, 2011


I know many people believe in signs from loved ones who have died. I have to say I haven't been one that falls into that category. If I was I would have to say that Gee is here around me again. There has been many times over the past few months that when I am at my lowest I see something that amazes me.

Coming in from work on Valentines day to find Gee's Christmas cactus in full bloom.Was that Gee? How about driving down the Mass Pike and seeing a Bald Eagle as plain as can be flying straight at me up the road, Gee again?

Years ago, Gee was still working for Cavvicio Greenhouses, he brought home three Rhododendrons. Planted them up back. They never thrived. Thought they all died. Then today I was mowing the back lawn and isn't there a flower on one of the plants I thought long dead. I have been having a hard time of late. Nothing new really, Memorial Day, summer vacation coming up, Gee being gone six months, just feeling sad all around.  So is Gee telling me he is still here watching over us, or is it just coincedence. I can't really say, but I choose to think Gee is here with me, bringing what comfort he can when I need him the very most.

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  1. Gee's there, Robin.
    Love you...