Monday, September 12, 2011

Kindness of Others

Dave Duncan lives behind me. From the day we moved in he and Gee hit it off. Helping each other with projects around the house. Gee helping Dave dig drainage ditches, Dave helping Gee hang doors. Whatever needed doing they always knew they had another set of hands to make the work go faster.

When Gee got to ill to do the yard work, Dave started taking care of it all. From mowing to fertilizing he had it covered. Telling me not to worry just take care of Gee and myself. Dave took Gee's final illness as hard as anyone. Always a welcomed visitor, each time he stopped he left visibly shaken to see how rapidly Gee was failing, careful not to let Gee see how hard it was to see him so vulnerable.

Saturday when I got home from the grocery store he had mowed the front  and was working on the back. When I went out back to thank him he said what he always says..... Gee would do it for me...... he is so right Gee would

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