Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sanity Returns

A few days have past and I have regained my sanity! The situation at school hasn't gotten any better, just funnier. Three times today I either walked into a room with someone already covering or I was in a class and in walks someone else. Seems Teddy, a para from the 6th grade, had no idea where she was supposed to be, she was double booked, so to speak, all day. If she didn't cross with me she was crossing with Lynda.

I really hate the thought that people at work saw me in such a vulnerable crazy state.... good grief thankfully it was only Kim and Liz, not in a class or something. I can hear it now....MRS GEE NUTTED UP TODAY..... well it didn't happen so no worries.

Friday is Game Night.... these women are so much fun.... they have known each other for years, so sometimes I have to ask what are they talking about but we sure laugh, sometimes that is more healing than anything else.

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