Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Vacation

It is finally here!! It has seemed like forever to get here, and I had time off in March. I can imagine how the rest of the staff feels.

 I have ranted in the past of my new/old job. I find it ridiculous that one person can disrupt the lives of so many. I know the Dean means well. I actually like her, worked with her quite a bit last year as a teacher. She doesn't seem to think things through very well. How can she justify juggling the para's around with no rhyme or reason. Pull me out of classes where I work with 10 kids to babysit one who refuses to do anything, to pull another from a class where she is working with 10 kids to cover the ones I was with. I have students coming in 3 times a day....3 hours with something to do....and I have 3 hours with nothing to do because I have been replaced in those classes. Just in case they send someone up for their behavior, but it isn't in house suspension, ok right. I had suggested for the three hours I have nothing to do why don't I follow my old schedule. Her answer, we need to know where you are.......ok you have my old schedule, you gave it to me, you know where I am......good grief.....

So today I have two 6th grade boys walk in my room. Mrs D sent them. Ok why, they don't know, they weren't doing anything, (they refused to do a social studies was stupid)...... I'm sure, no one ever does anything, N you sit there, T you sit talking, no getting out of you seat, silence....anything else detention.......what are we supposed to do ,,,wait....we have nothing to do....not my problem......did Mrs D forget us?,,,,,,been known to happen......can you call need to go to science....not untill I talk to Mrs D....but I have a project to do.....should have thought of that before...........this is messed up.........we have lunch in 30 minutes.....maybe.... if Mrs D says you can go.....can you call her is stupid, this is messed up........stop talking....but this is stupid......You guys don't get it, this is not a fun place, this is where you come when you can't behave, you make poor choices, there is no talking, no walking around, nothing......there is waiting and then more do we get do what is expected of you ......then can we do we do when we are finished?......wait for Mrs D to let you out.....this is stupid......can you call

Yes Mrs D did come up and let them go to lunch with the rest of the 6th grade, and yes this is how I spent an hour of my day because two 6th grade boys thought they would be billy bad asses(Gee's words) and not do what was asked of them. For this I went to college......

June 19th can't come fast enough......last day of school for students!!


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