Sunday, April 3, 2011


Change......goodness knows I hate change of any kind! Have these changes happen at school and I can't think straight. It looks like the Project Support classroom will be expanding. Which means I will be back in that classroom. I have been in " regular" classes since I came back from leave. I like the teachers I have been working with, Bruce teaches math and reading and Brent teaches ELA. I really feel I am a part of the team with these guys. They actually ask my opinion and really want to  know what I think.

The guy who is now in charge of Project Support isn't the guy I used to work with. The new guy told me, "I intimidate people because I'm so smart." So I said, "Really, well you don't intimidate me." A horror show waiting to happen. I know he has the degree but good grief he doesn't have a clue. He tries to be the kids friends, believe me they have friends, they need teachers and role models.

I've always said I didn't want to be a classroom teacher. I don't have the temperament for it.What I'm really good at is one to one tutoring. So I think I have come to a conclusion.....I need to go back to school.

 I have an interview tomorrow for a part time job with Wal Mart. I have been torn about this all weekend. If I get this job does it really help Rachel and I in the future? I am leaning towards will help with the bills but will it really help, lets face facts here, I'm 53, I'll be working forever. Do I want to just pay the bills or do something that really doesn't feel like work at all. Maybe I should  take my own advice... Do something that you like doing!

What will happen....I don't know yet. What to do?? What to do??

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  1. Robin - I say aim for a degree . . . intimidate because you are so smart . . . jeez, so does that mean you would be less intimidating if you were stupid? Several four letter words come to mind. You are smart; you write beautifully and very perceptively; any College would 'love' to have you as a graduate. That's my unsolicited advice. Can't wait to see Rachel and Darlene in May and everyone at June/July. Love to all, Bruce