Thursday, April 28, 2011


It may be just me however, when you have a kid who should be in a life skills class, tests 2nd grade level, sending him to  8th grade science just might not be the best idea. One of my students had a major meltdown in science today, yelling stomping, slaming doors...the whole nine yards as Gee would say. His frustration level was through the roof and the tutor just kept on pushing his buttons and when he asked to leave the class she told him no. That was enough, major eruption.

He was frustrated because he can't read well enough to work on his own. He asks for help he gets I'm not doing it for you, you have to try. Well how can I try if I can't read the words....round and round they go. Yes I am condencing the whole story, it has been going on for months. She doesn't want to work with him, he doesn't want to work with her....she says he's rude, he says she doesn't listen..... Really why are you arguing with a 13 year old?? Getting angry, loud, or loosing your cool in any fashion just feeds the beast. How are you to maintain control of a situation when you don't maintain control of yourself??

 I don't want to sound like it was all the tutors fault, it wasn't, but she continues to ask how best to deal with him because she doesn't "do" behaviors, whatever that's supposed to mean. I have told her more than a few times if he asks to be left alone just leave him, I will take care of any work he needs to do during accademic support. That is like a study but with more instruction. She doesn't listen, continues to push. What she wants is for me to take her spot in the science class. First it isn't up to me, second I have three 7th grade boys that are very close to failing the year during that block and third you need to do your job...

I feel I am ranting. I am frustrated too! I know "they" are the ones with the degrees, but I'm the one who works with these kids they call behaviors. I'm the one they come to when they are frustrated and are trying to hold it together. I'm the one who hears and sees how they are treated by some of the staff. Yes they can be rude and just plain pains in the ass. They are also just kids who's issues sometimes get in the way. How are we to help them learn to control their issues when those who are there to help can't control their own?? I don't want to sound like I think I have all the answers, I know I don't. Some one has to have some common sense in that place...

Ok I'll get off the soap box..........until next time!

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