Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Girl

Just had a phone call from Gee's niece Elaine, his sister Baby Girl, Rosella, has been very sick and in the hospital for more than 2 weeks. She had pneumonia, was dehydrated and was in real trouble when they finally got her to agree to go to the ER. She is now in a rehab center getting PT and having her heart monitored.

Baby Girl is the oldest girl, became the "mother"when their mother died. I think Gee and his twin sister Dee were 5 when she died. She came from Cleveland when Gee first got home from The Highlands. She was once again "playing mother" to him. She brought with her all kinds of stuff, food, oils, creams, and prayers. She got him to do alot more than anyone else could do. Got him out of bed, made him come to the kitchen in his wheelchair and other things. Gee said it was easier to just do what Baby Girl wanted than to listen to her if you didn't. Something he learned as a child. 

Having talked to Elaine I find it isn't just her family she cares for, its everyone. At almost 90 she still makes care visits to all the sick "brothers and sisters" of her church. Drives them to doctors appointments, traviling to church revivals and family reunions. She is a God fearing woman, living her life as she feels God wants her to, in his service bringing with her a quiet belief that she is doing Gods work on Earth.

When the time does come for her to leave her" family", I am sure  she will be welcomed with opened arms. There is not a harder worker in God service than this gentle woman who believes she is the "mother" of all.

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