Friday, April 1, 2011


Pinochle wasn't just something Gee liked he loved it. He taught me how to play by playing 3 hands while I handled one. There was no way he was going to let me play with the other NCO's if I couldn't hold my own. Very early on I knew we couldn't be partners, he would yell, I'd quit and that was that.

We spent so many night playing cards. When we were in New York, stationed at The Seneca Army Depot, all the other Nco's came to our house to play cards. They were all getting ready to retire and were semi-bachelors....their families were at home waiting for them.

The unit was called Readiness Group, they taught reservists all the things they needed to know. Most Fridays they were off to some unit to give classes and would be home on Sunday. During the week, they were off duty by noon, by 20 past they were at our house, and the cards were flying by 1.

I always got Anthony for a partner, and we would loose. Gee was a great card player,knew what had been played, by who and what you had in your hand by how you played, and Anthony never let me get a bid. Anthony went to Ft Drum for a few weeks. While he was gone a new guy, Ralph Flowers, Gee called him Flo, joined the unit. He started coming around and became ,y partner, not that we always won but we could hold our own. When Anthony came back he was Gee's partner and was amaized at how much better I was playing!

We would play cards at BJ and Sauls a few times a month. Gee lived for these nights. He and Saul had so much in common, old soldiers. As Gee got sicker, he couldn't sit for long. I know he missed those games, and the company. I doubt I will ever play pinochle again. No one plays anymore, and if they did it was Gee's game.......just wont be the same without hearing him telling Saul to play the King, you know you got a king...

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  1. I can hear Gee's voice saying that... Along with "Sky-High-Low" and "Deep Pockets" and "Just keep payin my social security!" and all those other "Gee-isms"
    Makes me smile to remember
    I love you,