Thursday, April 7, 2011

project support hell

I am back in the hell of project support. I have spent the day babysitting a brat who refuses to do what is expected of him. I get to sit in a room all day while this pain in my ass tells me he doesn't have to do anything, his ed plan says he can't get suspended or get a detention, so there isn't anything the office can do to him.

This I have been hand picked for, so says the Dean of Students, because I'm so good at what I do....they are going to have me speak to the other teachers on our next professional development day on how best to deal with these kids.....I thought she was I told her my speaking fee was $5000 an appearance....this is where she tells me she is serious,(I don't believe her) ... I told her so was I.

I just want to go back to what I know will help someone. Does the brat deserve an education, yes he does. Is it ok for him to be such a disruption for everyone else, no it isn't. What should they do about him. Give him a one way ride to CAPS and let him see how good he has it here. I will tell the teachers this and my secret to dealing with these kids, sarcasum and bullshit, as soon as I get my 5 grand.....

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