Friday, January 21, 2011

in sickness and in health

I saw the lawyer yesterday, a very nice man, who said he admired me for taking care of  Gee at home. I saw a teacher from another school who said basically the same thing. A friend told me she could never do what I was doing. I've heard this kind of thing from so many people. I took care of my children, my parents why would Gee be any different. Gee was my husband, my friend why wouldn't I do anything I could to make his last few weeks on this earth the way he wanted them. He loved his home and his family and he wanted to spend his last days surrounded by both. So we brought him home.

 In sickness and in health means something to me, it did when I married him and it still does. It didn't mean only when your healthy, or only when your a little sick. He was sick and I would care for him. He would have done the same for me and he did, for 34 years he took care of me. Never asking for anything in return except to love him, and I do with all of my heart.

 I tell people that I'm lucky, I had 34 years with a man who loved me and cared for me with all of his heart and many can say that.

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