Tuesday, January 11, 2011

that bb out on the field

I met Gee when I was 18, he was 41. If that wasn't enough to raise eyebrows he was also a black career soldier with children my own age.

 Looking back my parents must have thought I was crazy. Unlike now, where at the local high school interracial couples are nothing unusual, gay students are open and receive little or no comments from the rest of the student body.  My uncle wouldn't visit my parents because he may run into us, I doubt my father cared very much, Walt was a miserable man. My sisters husband wouldn't talk to us for years. There were places we didn't go, but mostly we were left alone.

I never really noticed the differences between us. This one night we were in Clinton. He was calling softball for a men's league. Sitting in the stands I heard all kinds of things. I find it very funny how many games Gee lost, it was always his fault never the guys swinging the bat. An older woman was sitting in the stands. She was there watching her son play. She tried to come to the games if the weather was nice and they were in town. I responded with a that's nice. Settling in she looks out on the field and says, " oh shit it's that black bastard again tonight, I don't like that umpire...." I didn't say anything, what could I say. She continues to talk and talk. Commenting on every call. After about 8 innings of play she turns to me and asks, "who are you watching honey, is your boyfriend a player on the other team?" and I said" no, I'm waiting for that black bastard out on the field."She turned green, I walked away and Gee laughed and laughed.

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