Sunday, January 23, 2011

sleep over buddy

Jack is spending the night. He is so full of energy, never stops. I am exhausted, he is sleeping, recharging those batteries for tomorrow.

I wish he would have memories of Gee, but he will only have stories of how much he was loved by this man in pictures they say is his grandfather.

What will we tell him. His grandfather was a man of honor, who always lived life to the fullest. A man who loved his family, pinochle, and laughing. He could always find something funny in everyday things, never took anything to seriously. A man who always looked to the bright side of things. Even during his battle with cancer. When the doctor would ask how he was doing he always said not bad...because someone somewhere was worse off than he was.

His grandfather was a man who survived 2 wars, growing up poor and black, and never compromised on what he believed was the difference between what was right and what wasn't. There was no grey area there. A man who was bigger than life and who will be remembered by all who met him.

I guess what we will tell him is your grandfather was a good man.........

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