Sunday, January 9, 2011

My daughter-in-law works in a different school system than I do. She is new to public schools having worked since graduating college in a private school. She was in the office the other day when she over heard two teachers talking. One was asking the other if this Gullatt, the name on a mailbox, could possibly be related to Gee. She answered he was my father-in-law. Both gave her their kind sympathies, telling her they had known him for years. They had both called various sports with him and how wonderful they thought he was. She thanked them both for their kind words and assured them she would pass them on to me.

Gee was known everywhere there was a sports dollar to be made. He knew so many people by their faces, all the men were bubba and all the women were sweetheart, he didn't remember any ones name. The first game he called at Gardner Middle School after Ish became the Dean of Students, Ish tells me, as a three sport athlete he remembers Gee from his own games growing up in Fitchburg . They all remember him, as real class act, great guy.

He called men's softball for years. I would go with him before the kids were born. This one particular night he was behind the plate and this one guy was giving him a hard time. Complaining about his calls. After the first couple of innings Gee had had it. He tells this guy another word from you and you're gone. Do you understand me....the guy says yes sir....that's the word you're gone!! Throws the guy out of the game. The next night he is calling with a guy they call Mother Yates, because when he has had enough he would but his hand on his hip and shake his finger. The same group of guys from Hudson. The same guy that Gee had thrown out of the game the night before was playing. He made comments about the calls Phil was making. When Phil stood up and put his hand on his hip I heard Gee say oh Lord.....I then hear Phil saying "do you understand me!" the guy shakes his head....."you better answer me" Phil says, again the guy shakes his head. Phil is about to toss this guy when Gee finally starts laughing and tells Phil about the night before. As always Gee finds humor everywhere he went. He always said life was to short not to enjoy it all.

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